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Testimonial - Chemo and radiation therapy

New Testimonial written by Mrs Maria Kontaratou to my e-mail address.
"May 25, 2015
In March 2014 I had an operation for colon cancer. After about a month when I had started chemotherapy and radiation programs, a friend of my son’s recommended Ms Perizat Hamdy as a Jin Shin Jyutsu specialist who could help me with the side effects of chemotherapy. I followed his advice after detailed internet search about Jin Shin Jyutsu, which I had never heard of before. I decided to try it with Ms Hamdy and the result was that I went through the very difficult period of chemo and radiation therapy with significantly lighter side effects and much better psychology than expected. This, with almost no conventional drugs which did not really help. Perizat also helped me learn a lot about Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it affects my body and mind.
Jin Shin Jyutsu with Ms Perizat Hamdy has proved to be a powerful healing tool for me. Its effects were multiplied many times with the excellent way it was practiced on me by the miraculous hands and mind of Perizat. Her hand and energy power were accompanied by very tender and kind interest and care which were always present in our every meeting. Perizat instructed me on how to take care of myself through Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help.( I admired her for doing so.) She also offered me advice on natural ways of facing various difficulties, connected to my situation.
All this contributed to my finishing my chemo and radiation therapy period with a minimum of discomfort and much stronger psychologically than before I met Perizat. I felt I could be more in control of my situation than before. And this helped multi-fold, because as it is well-known a positive psychological look at the situation by a cancer patient can help greatly in the process of healing.
Ms Perizat Hamdy is a well-educated, good-humoured, conscientious and humane, people-loving professional who cares deeply about her patients and does her very best to help them with their healing process. She is an open-minded, well-trained individual who continuously tries to be up-to date in her profession. I also consider her to be a rare person who will always be there for you full of good will and interest, making every possible effort to help in any way she can. I believe I am very lucky I have met her and have felt the power of her mind and hands. And I thank her deeply for that and the change her presence and power has made in my life.
I admire and strongly recommend her for anything she has been trained to do (she has been trained to do a lot of different things) both as an excellent professional and as an exceptional and rare individual.
Maria Kontaratou"

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Testimonials from Jin Shin Jyutsu from Scottsdale head office

"I am my own testimony" – Mary Burmeister 


From the Main Central newsletter: 
"I am the Mother of three wonderful children, and I love to share with them the stories that the teachers tell about Mary. One of their favorites is when Mary used to walk past someone, occasionally she would say the names of the Safety Energy Locks that they may need to hold. The example was given, "11 and 15. Thank you, God." My children are always delighted by this story, and they laugh while they hold their 11 and 15s.
One evening my 10 year old son, Andrew, was quite ill. He had a high fever, and he could not rest. I carried him to my table, and with a ton of faith, I listened to his pulses and began to do a 13 Flow on him. Within about 4 minutes the fever started to come down, and in just a few more minutes, Andrew just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. When I realized how powerful this all was, the tears just streamed down my face. I said to Andrew, "I think I know why Mary always says Thank you, God." He told me in his sleepy haze that he knew why, too. He then said, "So, I guess God is here to stay."
I will always be grateful for the gift of Jin Shin Jyutsu and this very precious and insightful little boy."

From the Main Central newsletter:
"Recently I was on a business trip and I was wearing dress shoes that I was not entirely used to wearing. I stepped off of a curb and landed one foot in a pothole. My foot turned totally sideways and all of my weight went down on the side, twisting my entire ankle. It really hurt when it happened, but because I was trying to keep up with four other people, I just walked it out (or so I thought). Many hours later, after a long flight home and walking miles from the airport terminal to my car, I got home and removed my shoe. The moment I removed that shoe, my foot began to swell and hurt so bad that I could not even walk on it. I was in such pain that I immediately called my friend Donna B. for some Jin Shin Jyutsu. She started by putting her right hand down and the left hand on top of it for the swelling, and I felt the heat rushing out of my foot. Then she did a Bladder flow and a #15 release flow which had me sleeping within twenty minutes. I am always amazed at the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu...from incredible pain to sound asleep in twenty minutes! I have never gotten those kind of results from anything else. Because of Jin Shin Jyutsu, I was able to walk to a very important meeting the next day, all of the soreness was gone. Remarkable!"

From the Main Central newsletter: 
"A friend in Heidelberg told me about a self-help class she took from BM and about The Touch of Healing. My curiosity was aroused from listening to her Jin Shin Jyutsu experience. Two days later in Berlin while visiting with a cousin during dinner, a familiar and unbearable toothache developed. I had periodic gum inflammations and nine months earlier had lost 4 teeth within one week. I really did not want this to happen again. So after our dinner, I purchased a copy of The Touch of Healing in a bookstore near the restaurant. I glimpsed through the book and discovered, "for toothache, hold your opposite index finger". I decided, if it should be as easy as this, then I would spend a little longer on it, and I held my index finger for 3 hours, while reading in the book. I was fascinated and made a first deep sigh, when I read that the energy Jin Shin Jyutsu is working with is open to us all. This confirmed something I KNEW before, and I felt at home and in the right place with this information and the way it came to me. Needless to say, when I woke up the next morning, all evidence of my toothache had gone! Not only did it never come back, my dentist started to wonder why my gums were holding my teeth tighter again!"

Reprinted with permission from The Touch of Healing:
"My friend had a twenty-year history of asthma. I showed her how to hold her ring fingers to strengthen her respiratory functions. She remarked on being able to breathe more freely after holding them and decided to receive some Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions from me. I focused on balancing the second depth. After three sessions, she said she felt like a new person. She didn't need any medication or vaporizers since receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu. Also, she said she could feel her lungs become more clear for the first time."

Reprinted with permission from The Touch of Healing:
"I had a great deal of fear about an upcoming business trip. My left low back began causing me increasing pain, to such an extent, I wondered whether it would be possible to go on my trip. I went to a chiropractor to be adjusted, but my back still hurt. Finally, I boarded the plane for my trip, with my back still causing me a great deal of pain. As I sat in the plane, Mary's words came through loud and clear- "Keep it simple-when your back hurts, simply hold on to your index finger." I held my index finger, feeling my fears melt away, and to my surprise, so did my back pain. Throughout the entire week of my trip, my back was pain free--and I was reminded of the simplicity of the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu."

Reprinted with permission from The Touch of Healing:
"I had experienced grand mal seizures for eighteen years. My convulsions were extremely severe, and most of the time my seizures came upon me while I slept. I'd wake up seconds before I started convulsing. I learned from classes on Jin Shin Jyutsu that by holding my sevens (on the underside of the big toes), the energy blockage creating seizures could be cleared. One dawn, after an extremely stressful week, I awoke feeling the aura of a seizure upon me. Quickly, I grabbed by big toes and held them for dear life. As my body started to convulse, I tightened the grip on my toes until my knuckles turned white, so the force of the convulsions would not pull my fingers away. To my amazement, the tremor quickly abated before it reached its usual full force, and it did not render me unconscious as it always did. I lay in bed for some time, continuing to hold my big toes until I felt confident enough to sit up and get a cup of tea. After the experience, I was elated and felt that I was in control of my body for the first time in years. I was astounded that the Jin Shin Jyutsu worked so quickly and so easily."

Reprinted with permission from The Touch of Healing:
"Whenever I find myself at a higher altitude, I seem to be susceptible to headaches. These leave me incapacitated for at least a day. Recently, a friend instructed me on how to hold the base of my thumbs at Safety Energy Lock 18. She told me that this would help to clear up the pressure that I felt in the back of my head. I used this on myself during my next trip to the mountains, and was pleasantly surprised at the result!"

Reprinted with permission from The Touch of Healing:
"My husband, a medical doctor, had recurring back problems for many years, which he had treated chiropractically and through various kinds of massage. Finally, last summer his lower back totally rebelled and gave out. He slipped the disc of his fourth lumbar vertebra. For weeks he lived in great pain and fear: fear of excruciating pain, fear of having to have an operation. I worked on him sporadically for a few weeks when I had time, and he experienced some relief. but he was still worried and frightened, in a great deal of pain, and unable to move freely. Desperately, we sent the kids away for one long weekend, and I was determined to treat him twice a day for the duration. While treating him so intensely, I found myself utilizing the Main Central Flow because it runs through the center of the body, energizing the spine and total being. Through using this flow, we were able to strengthen and straighten the spine and relieve pressure on the disc. That weekend was the turning point for him. Afterward he felt he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, that he was actually on the road to full recovery"

"The truth is that within each one of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to KNOW complete Peace and Oneness--to BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony--to truly KNOW (help) MYSELF" Mary Burmeister

Jin Shin Jyutsu at the UK Markey Cancer Center

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Japanese ‘touch therapy’ – Jin Shin Jyutsu – helps Markey cancer patients find calm place

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Japanese ‘touch therapy’ – Jin Shin Jyutsu – helps Markey cancer patients find calm place

 caption (Photo by Shaun Ring/Kentucky Alumni magazine)
Jin Shin Jyutus, an ancient art form of touching key points on the body to increase energy flow and return the natural harmony within, is part of an integrated medical plan at UK’s Markey Cancer Center. Here, Jennifer Bradley practices Jin Shin Jyutus with a patient. (Photo by Shaun Ring/Kentucky Alumni magazine)

By Beverly Bell
Special to KyForward
The patients enter Jennifer Bradley’s treatment room at the UK Markey Cancer Center in widely different states of emotion — worried, angry, exhausted, scared, and yes, skeptical. After all, what can she give them with her Japanese touch therapy that traditional cancer treatments can’t already address?
Turns out, more than anyone could have realized.
Bradley practices Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient art form of touching key points on the body to increase energy flow and return the natural harmony within. Five years ago, Bradley offered it at no charge to cancer patients at the center as a way to give back to the facility, which had provided care to her late mother-in-law. Now, through a grant from the Lexington Cancer Foundation, patients can receive up to five free sessions from Bradley. Jin Shin Jyutsu has become part of an integrated medical plan, one that includes chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and yes, this Eastern-based approach that can help to reduce the pain, stress and nausea many patients face as a result of their illness.
Back in 2009, when Bradley began volunteering at the center’s chemotherapy clinic, she had to seek out patients. She conducted short, 20-minute sessions, mainly as a relaxation tool. As patients started reporting back to their doctors about feeling better, Bradley received a call from the office of Dr. Mark Evers, the director of the Markey Cancer Center. He wanted to meet with her and better understand what she was doing. After that conversation, he talked with some of the patients and their doctors. “I was amazed at what I was hearing,” he says. JSJ was providing relief, in some cases as a complement to traditional medicine and in others, where conventional treatments had come up short.
That resulted in the Markey Cancer Center receiving the first grant from the Lexington Cancer Foundation in 2011 for JSJ and a formal referral system was developed. The ongoing support from the Lexington Cancer Foundation
allowed Bradley to take care of 160 patients last year.
Developed in Japan, JSJ traces its roots to thousands of years ago. Jiro Murai, a young philosopher from a medical family, rediscovered the art form in the early 1900s. One of his students, Mary Burmeister, brought it to the United States 50 years later.
 caption (Photo from Markey Cancer Center)
Jennifer Bradley said Jin Shin Jyutsu is more about giving people a calm place to put their restless minds. (Photo from Markey Cancer Center)
During a session, patients lay fully clothed — with the exception of their shoes — on a padded massage table. Other than the soothing, spa-like music playing in the background, the sessions are quiet. This isn’t a communicative therapy, Bradley says. It’s more about giving people a calm place to put their restless minds.
Treatments — radiation, chemo and other medicines — can wreak havoc on patients. They often feel overwhelmed and conflicted about their own bodies, which simultaneously hold both the illness and the possibility of remission. Bradley understands this. “The body is doing the best it can to keep you on this planet,” she says.
Adding to the complexity of experiencing cancer, some patients undergo post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, similar to those found in soldiers returning from war. “It’s that moment of diagnosis for some,” says Bradley. “The moment you found the lump. For others it may be the difficult treatments or reoccurrence that is a trigger.” People can walk around like that for months, even years. Their bodies remain in a constant flight/fight condition, and that makes them unable to be a full partner in their healing.
“They don’t understand what the doctors are telling them. They can’t eat. They can’t sleep. The thinking mind shuts down,” Bradley says, noting that the National Cancer Institute recognizes PTSD as a serious effect of cancer diagnosis and treatment that needs to be addressed.
It’s up to her to try to address this disharmony. She uses both hands and gently touches some of the 52 energy pathways, 26 on each side of the body. In the medical world, these might be called trigger points. Bradley refers to them as “little spheres of energy.”
Through the thousands of nerve endings in her fingertips, Bradley “listens” to the pulses. They tell her where areas are blocked. She compares it to stones in a stream, preventing the water’s natural current. “We take those stones out and now the stream is back on its normal path,” she says. The areas she touches and the order in which she does it, called flows in JSJ, is determined by what her fingers “hear” and what Bradley picks up from observing and talking with the patient. The concerted process leads to a more relaxed pulsation and a restored balance.
Mary Gay Lake is one of those patients who has benefited from JSJ. “When you’re taking chemotherapy, you are given a steroid,” she says. “This … opened up a world of anxiety, sleeplessness, feeling very hyped up. JSJ was very instrumental in keeping me calm and centered, focused.”
Lake isn’t alone. Prior to each session, Bradley’s patients fill out a form, reporting levels of nausea, pain and stress on a scale to 10, with zero representing no symptoms. They complete the same paperwork afterward. In every case, all levels improved after the treatment.
While her work at the center is with cancer patients, Bradley also has a private practice and can use the technique on anyone of any age — head trauma victims, the elderly, those in hospice care, etc. When she can, Bradley enjoys volunteering to work with the addicted babies at the UK Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Born into the world as users of various narcotics because of their mother’s substance abuse, these small babies represent some of the most compelling patients. They can’t make eye contact. They can’t tolerate touch. Every motion and sound over-stimulates them. They cry constantly.
Bradley wanted to help. She showed one of the doctors three particular ways to hold the babies, she says. The physician found the most miserable infant in the unit and gave it a try. After about a minute, the little boy relaxed, stopped crying, turned his head, looked up at the doctor and smiled. “If you can work with someone in the beginning of their life, imagine how everything’s going to be different,” Bradley says.
The California native and licensed JSJ practitioner now teaches self-help classes and is developing online videos so that a greater number of people can access the therapy. Evers joins Bradley in wanting to reach a larger audience. “I’ve seen the great benefits that it’s had on our patients, and it’s truly remarkable,” he says. With additional funding, his hope is that they can expand the program, by making Bradley full-time and adding other professionals so that more patients can participate in sessions. “I’m really sold,” Evers says.
Beverly Bell writes for Kentucky Alumni magazine, where this story first appeared. It is reprinted with permission.

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Self Help to Beat Fatigue and the Heat

Fatigue colours our world and affects how we feel, and Jin Shin Jyutsu is one of the most powerful ways to overcome fatigue.
Time after time, I have tried and tested these holds and it is absolutely amazing how my whole world can change in 20 minutes – purely because I have been able to energise myself. And if I can, you can too with this simple exercise.
The Spleen energy governs our energy levels and this exercise is very powerful for vitality and calm (one needs energy to stay calm, believe it or not!) – 20 minutes minimum every day.
The Spleen is the biggest lymphatic organ in the body and if kept happy, helps all the other organs.
In Jin Shin Jyutsu, a sequence of HOLDS is referred to as a FLOW. The following self-help flow can be used to revitalise and re-energise the whole system, and to be ‘happy and content where ever you are’. Use it to regulate the body’s temperature (to warm the body when it’s cold, to cool the body when it’s hot), and to balance the nervous system (to calm).
Hold each step for a few minutes or until you feel you want to move to the next position. Tip: put on a chill out CD and when the track changes, move the hands to the next position… The music can add a wonderful dimension to the session…
(Right energy pattern)
Step 1
Place Left hand on base of spine (coccyx)
Place Right hand on right inside of heel
Step 2
Move Right hand and place on left base of rib cage and hold
Step 3
Move Left hand and place on right above breast area
Step 4
Move Left hand and place on left center of collar bone
So to summarise: the Spleen flow helps beat fatigue, insomnia, headaches, anxiety and much more. It stimulates the immune system, helps the digestive system, helps regulate our body temperature (you can use it to warm and to cool the body – isn’t that great?) – this flow also helps the skin, helps beat the attitude of WORRY and well, it’s just a great general all round wonder flow – use it with HUMILITY AND GRATITUDE!
- See more at:

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New Testimonial for JSJ


Alex Sid
A few months ago I was moving home, my wife was 8 months pregnant, work was piling up like never before and my stress level was at a whole new level. I was completely drained but had to push on. 

I met Perizat offered me a coupe of Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions to help regain my balance and energy. 

After the first session I went home in the afternoon and slept better than I had slept in weeks. 
After the second session, I couldn't remember how stressed I was before. 

The 2 sessions package had to continue as it was working so well and I wanted to prepare for the coming months when I was to experience fatherhood for the first time.
After the 5th session, we hugged and said farewell.

A couple of days later I was in my living room and had a very strange sensation. I couldn't work out what it was until I realised I could smell soap fragrance on my hands. My sense of smell has always been very weak to inexistent. Somehow JSJ had opened up my nose that seemed to have been 'blocked' since I was a kid. Since then I have been able to smell things that were just not there for me before i.e. orange juice 1 meter away, a flower, cinnamon sticks, natural body aroma and even the smell of pine trees in the air. Before that everything was just a flat 'smelling-field'.

Perizat is a pleasure to work with and a source of positiveness. Would recommend her to all my close friends and family when help is needed.
Thank you again for your help. 

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Hold a Toe, Ease a Pain? Yes! by Jennifer M. Bradley


Hold a Toe, Ease a Pain? Yes!